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How to use method of manual punching machine punching machine

How to use manual drilling machine
1, according to the requirements of manual drilling machine is fixed on the work table, gently rotate wheel manual drilling machine and carefully check the working condition of each part punching machine.
2, check the punch punch and die position if there is debris, and timely liquidation. Then set top contact position and mold base lubrication in punching machine.
3, the material will be punched according to positioning requirements put, and then counterclockwise rotation of the hand wheel to complete drilling.
4, after completion of punching, the left hand stops rotating the wheel, and the right hand gently pulls out the punched material from inside to outside.
5 repeat the fourth steps and continue drilling the next material that needs to be punched (and so on).
Should keep the punch tank at any time, 6 oil drilling machine in actual work process, provide lubrication cooling for drilling machine component.
7, after the end of the work should clean up the garbage for manual punch, punch to keep clean and dry storage.
Desktop type manual drilling machine using method
1. Tidy up all the documents you need to tidy up;
2, pull out the punch positioning scale, determine the position of the holes;
In 3, the requirement of drilling (not a file number in drilling exceed the prescribed number of pages), alignment, punch handle downward pressure;
4, after releasing the hand, punch handle automatic rebound, remove make holes file;
5, with the use of hardware or plastic binding folder, binding has hit the hole file.

The advantages of the laser drilling machine

The advantages of the laser drilling machine
1, drilling efficiency, good economic returns.
2, a large depth diameter ratio can be obtained.
3. It can be made on hard, crisp, soft and other materials.
4. No tool loss.
5. It is suitable for machining holes with large quantity and high density.
6. Machining holes on inclined surfaces of difficult to machine materials.
The disadvantage of laser drilling machine
1, the hole depth of laser drilling and hole depth diameter ratio are limited.
2, during the drilling process, the condensed material and discharge may appear on the upper edge of the hole, affecting the quality of drilling.
3, to some extent, the laser hole has a certain taper.
The laser drilling process
The first step, detailed understanding of drilling materials and drilling requirements.
The second step is simulation experiment and detection.
The third step is to design convenient and efficient jigs and fixtures.
The fourth step, program design.
The fifth step, the implementation of effective drilling processing and necessary testing.

Punch brand consumer guide

Work often encounter will need all kinds of information, such as drawings, contracts, tenders such as punch together. The punch is common in addition to office supplies, can also be used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic instrument, chemical, printing and packaging industry. Then, punch which brand is good? What brand is puncher good? What brand of punch the regional distribution of the most? Where the production of the punch is better? What are the big brands, famous brand, famous brand honor provinces punch brand? In order to punch market gives consumers provide truthful and accurate information industry brand, the following is CNPP to provide data support, punch ten brands list for your website statistics and relevant brand recommendation, for your reference.
Which brand is good ten punch punch list
Ten punch brand chart, what brand of good punch [2017]
1. Deli DELI
Founded in 1988, China’s largest integrated stationery suppliers, office stationery industry leading brands, more influential cultural office brand, deli Group Limited
Began in 1962 in Hongkong, Guangzhou, a well-known trademark, senior Asia / more large-scale professional stationery manufacturers, Guangzhou Panyu general stationery products factory Co., Ltd.
3. KW-TRIO KW-triO
Founded in 1976, Taiwan, the market competitiveness of the brand, specializing in the production of office stationery manufacturers and suppliers, Shanghai days Stationery Co., Ltd.
4.Esselte accessibility
Founded in Sweden, the world famous brand of office stationery, office stationery manufacturer leading industry, top brands, large multinational group, Dongguan Yida Stationery Co. Ltd.
The 5. United COMIX
In 1991, Guangdong province famous trademark, with modern office supplies stationery industry overall solution, large listed companies, Shenzhen united group Limited by Share Ltd
6.Maped MAPED
In 1947 France, the world’s leading manufacturer of students and office supplies, compass / rubber / punch excellent reputation, Suzhou MAPED office supplies Co. Ltd.
7. Chenguang stationery M&G
Shanghai famous trademark, the product is famous for high cost performance, dedicated to writing tools / student stationery / office stationery, such as the production / sale of listed companies, Shanghai Chenguang stationery Limited by Share Ltd
8.CARL coffee Road
Punch ten brand, founded in 1954 in Japan, set product development / production / sales and customer service service, committed to office machines and stationery products in the field of enterprise, Ningbo Road Office Coffee Machine Co. Ltd
9. extensive GuangBo
Began in 1992, the product is famous for its creativity, set office stationery / printing paper / plastic products and other production and marketing of modern enterprises, extensive group Limited by Share Ltd
10. Miki SUNWOOD
Founded in 1990, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang province famous brand products, engaged in stationery / office supplies, such as production / sale of large enterprises, Miki Holdings Group Co., Ltd.
The list of above data is automatically generated by dozens of data statistics calculation systems, and the sorting is not only in order, but only for your reference. My favorite brand vote

Rules for operation of drilling machines

1, before the start of the preparation work
Check all parts of the drilling machine is complete.
Whether the screws are loose or not.
The lubricating oil is to meet the requirements of position.
Is the control button flexible and reliable?.
Whether the drill rod and drill bit are damaged or not.
The supporting hole rack has no fault.
The spray facilities are in place.
2, normal boot
1. The drilling machine is idling for 1 to 2 minutes. Listen carefully for any unusual noises or noises.
The low speed slowly drilling.
The low gear and no abnormal coal gangue Shi Ke without adjusting the drilling speed, if the coal seam has been contained with gangue and clip the gangue hardness large, can only use a low gear drill, or to find a fine of 500 yuan.
3, stop
Once a drill hole is finished, the drill rod, drill bit and drilling rack shall be removed in time.
The disassembled drill pipe, drill bit and supporting hole rack should be put in order, clean and sanitary, and will not affect pedestrian safety.
After stopping the machine, the floating coal in the drilling body should be cleaned up in time, and the oil on the drilling body should be cleaned and put in order.
Drilling machine, explosion proof switch, cable and control button are arranged and put in place where the pedestrian safety is not disturbed and is put in order.

Automatic drilling machine features drilling machine operating procedures

1 、 automatic blanking.
2 、 computer real-time monitoring drilling protection system, card material, air material and parameter error alarm system.
3, six axis control system, unique procedures, update functions, procedures, independent research and development, with through-hole, external blind hole, porous, high and low holes commonly used drilling procedures, but also according to customer requirements to write procedures.
4 、 drive system adopts high-precision CNC motors imported from Germany, with multi gear angle constant moment subdivision drive, higher accuracy, more smooth running, error is + 0.01mm.
5, the circuit control adopts the world leading technology, with self-protection function of the import module solid state relay, with the original import of world-class components, so that the machine performance is more stable.
6, processing size (2 – 40mm), can fully meet the requirements of the processing size of the industry products, special specifications can be customized.
7, the use of automatic computer tuning mode, hole to edge number adjustable range (0 – 15mm), in the end adjustable range (0 – 7mm), and has the compensation value adjustment function, make hole adjustment more accurate, more convenient.
8, the use of flat mold, low cost, versatility, simple production, the general situation within 90 minutes to complete.
9, manufacturers provide standardized pipe position, more convenient operation.
10, the alarm function is powerful, stable, can really do 1 people at the same time operate more than one machine. Improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Product parameters; sawing machines; circular sawing machines

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